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Our office provides excellence in general dental care.  Your personal, medical, and dental history are reviewed carefully, then reviewed with you to ensure accuracy and that your treatment preferences are known and respected.  

Evidence-based density (EBD)

 Evidence-based dentistry (EBD) uses current scientific evidence to guide decision-making in dentistry. It is an approach to oral health that requires the application and examination of relevant scientific data related to the patient's oral and medical health. Along with the dentist's professional skill and expertise, EBD allows dentists to stay up to date on the latest procedures and patients to receive improved treatment. 

Laser Cavity Detection

 The Diagnodent cavitiy detecting device is a high tech laser fluorescence  cavitie detection aid which measures changes in tooth structure caused by  (cavities). It is especially useful for pit and fissure areas - even when the outer tooth structure seems to be intact.  The device is easy to use and requires no probing, scraping or damage to tooth structure.    This gives us  high assurance that we haven't missed any hidden decay. 

Cone Beam X-Rays

 Imaging is an important diagnostic tool to the assessment of the dental patient. The ConeBeam  is specifically dedicated to imaging the maxillofacial region (your teeth). It is a true paradigm shift from standard 2D X-rays to a 3D image.  This allows Dr. Statz to view bone infection, measure space for implants and assess risk for extraction.

Oral DNA - Why it's important

Did you know there are more than 600 different types of bacteria present in the human mouth and of those scientists have been able to identify 13 strains of the most common pathogenic bacteria which cause gum disease.  The test is completely painless and as simple as spitting into a cup or swabbing the cheek with a cotton swab.  The sample is then prepared and shipped to the laboratory where it is thoroughly analyzed. The results that are returned in about a week’s time detailing the oral bacteria that are present, and from this report we are able to quickly and precisely diagnose and treat gum disease. 

Intra Oral Camera

 When Dr Statz uses an intraoral camera during your examination,  you’re seeing exactly what he right then. Dr Statz will display clear, colorful images, allowing them to point out any issues and discuss them with you immediately.   Intraoral cameras have incredible technological features. With LED lighting, a head that rotates from 0 to 90 degrees, and powerful magnifying capabilities  your dentist can examine your mouth in extreme detail. This means he can make diagnoses more accurately.